An Innovative

Technology Services Company

Our innovative products and services harness the power of neurobehavioral and educational principles to actualize a new form of learning architecture and evolutionize the learning landscape. Our EdTech mission is to provide learners, teachers, institutions and professionals with transformative, effective and engaging tools to manage, deliver and access training.

"Innovation is change that unlocks new value."

EdTech Labs + Engine X = CDG Innovations

EdTech Labs

We specialize in leveraging neurobehavioral and educational principles in our services and products we create. Educators first, we combine technology with natural learning processes to expedite learning. We also design engaging and effective training programs to optimize performance in the workplace, classroom, and beyond. Technology is all around us. It's easy to fall behind and miss out on the opportunities that exist in the digital economy. Our custom designed tracks - for all ages - provide the pathway to digital literacy and beyond. Our techies are educators too, so you can be sure that the curriculum is both engaging & effective.

Engine X

A wise person once said “Innovation is creativity with a job to do”. At CDG Innovations, we help turn our clients' ideas into reality. We combine precision engineering with stunning visual display. Our Engine X team focuses on web development and design along with brand creation and prototyping. It's not just about ideas - it's about making ideas happen. We always have something brewing in Engine X - contact us for your next project.

Why EdTech?

Education Technology is not just for the K-12 classroom - learning happens in any environment. The global eLearning market was estimated to be over $165 billion in 2016, with the U.S. accounting for almost 20% of that, and is expected to exceed $240 billion by 2023.

The global corporate eLearning market is predicted to reach an approximate $31 billion in revenue by the end of 2020. In 2016, the LMS marketplace was over $3 billion in size.

The eLearning landscape around the globe continues to evolve as organizations of all sizes increase their budget expenditure for training purposes.

Presently, the U.S. represents the leader in the adoption of eLearning technologies and services. The market globally continues to grow and evolve and CDG Innovations is primed to compete in a fragmented environment. Our platforms and services can be used in corporate, community, and academic settings, and our current partners represent these environments.

Transformation begins with YOU.